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Davie, FL

Lamborghini Broward


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Lamborghini Palm Beach


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O'Gara Coach Beverly Hills Bentley/Lamborghini


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Miami, FL

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North Miami Beach, FL

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La Jolla, CA

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Allen, TX

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13,380 miles

Schaumburg, IL

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2,550 miles

Schaumburg, IL

Strada Motorsports


416 miles

Richardson, TX

Lamborghini Dallas


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Beverly Hills, California

O'Gara Coach Beverly Hills Bentley/Lamborghini


12,230 miles

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Brentwood, Tennessee

Lamborghini Nashville


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Charlotte, NC

Lamborghini Charlotte


6,151 miles

Charlotte, NC

Lamborghini Charlotte


10,112 miles

North Miami Beach, FL

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Charlotte, NC

Lamborghini Charlotte


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Velocity Motorcars Nashville


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Costa Mesa, CA


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12,850 miles

Bellevue, WA

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Perillo Downers Grove

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Lake Park, FL

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Lake Park, FL

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Charlotte, NC

McLaren Charlotte

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Used Lamborghini Aventador For Sale
For those seeking the most fierce bull ever to appear in the stable, look for cars with low mileage and up-to-date service records. Buying or leasing options are available in an exotic car. View our selection of Lamborghini Aventador for sale in both hardtop and LP 700-4 open-air form in a wide range of styles and colors.


For more than five decades, Lamborghini Automobili has been known as a company that infuses mind-boggling speed, refinement, and comfort into each of its AWD creations. The 2016 LP 700-4 checks all of the boxes for a properly established exotic car. With a mid-mounted 6.5 liter V12 powering all four wheels, this tarmac-chewing bull will turn heads and raise eyebrows wherever it goes. Originally introduced in 2011, the price has been offered at a base of $393,695 for its 4,000 unit production run that continues to the present day.


Following the demand for an open-topped version, The Italian exotic car builder introduced the slightly more practical convertible in December 2012 following their debut of an open-air concept at the Geneva Auto Show. At the debut, the "J" sported a visible lack of windshield and side glass, while built-up arches around the driver and passenger act as rollover protection. The production roadster weighs in at 3,585 lbs., only 110 lbs. heavier than the coupe, and includes two carbon-fiber roof panels and additional rear-pillar reinforcement to compensate for any loss of structural rigidity. A redesigned rear engine cover reveals the 6.5 L Aventador V12 power-plant through two stretched hexagonal openings. The massive V-12 fits nicely under the X brace. Although there is far too much plastic covering such a beautiful engine, we can only assume said plastic is designed to channel heat away from the engine bay. A clear example of form over function.


Moving to the interior, the angular styling is elegantly reflected in leather, aluminum, and carbon fiber accouterments and upholstery. The console, arguably the centerpiece of the cabin, features rows of machined buttons for navigation and infotainment. A prominent start/stop button is hidden beneath a red flip-cover, much like an aeronautical bomb-release. Controls are arranged in a symmetrical fashion that is pleasing to driver and passenger alike. This is rather fitting, as the driver is essentially cocooned in a four-wheeled missile that has beaten the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport around the Top Gear BBC test track.

Taking the naturally aspirated V12 engine beyond what everyone thought possible is the SuperVeloce. The LP70-4 makes an additional 50 horsepower and weight has been reduced by 110 lbs. A stronger chassis allowed the spring rates to be reduced, and the Ohlins inboard shock absorbers were replaced with an adjustable magnetic system. To cope with the additional speed, downforce has been increased by 180%.


A major consideration in leasing or buying such an exotic car is where to buy a Lamborghini Aventador. Italian cars demand proprietary maintenance and service procedures that should not be attempted by a domestic shop. Only a few technicians in the world are capable of repairing the one-piece carbon-fiber body. If the unibody is in need of repair, only factory-trained technicians are capable of mending the structure. Our official dealers have the tools and technicians who can inspect and personalize your car.


Many preconceived notions surround cars of this type, but if you haven’t experienced one in person you are doing yourself a disservice. Although it packs a powerful punch, the driving experience is not much different from your daily driver. A front lift system allows for speed bumps or steep driveways, and the front storage compartment is large enough for a weekend road trip.


When production began in 2011, only eight molds were produced to build the carbon fiber body. Each mold was targeted for 500 cars each for a total of 4,000. But sales have exceeded expectations thanks to motion pictures and celebrity ownership. If you need to own the state of the art in supercars, our dealers would be happy to find the perfect one for you.


The ante was upped for their famed flagship model with the release of a special series: the LP 700-4 Pirelli Edition. The new series commemorates the longstanding rapport between the Italian automaker and a prestigious tire manufacturer. While the performance figures remain the same as in the standard supercar, the exterior of this special edition is what makes it stand out. Available in two two-tone color scheme options, buyers can select a matte black color with a choice of Giallo Spica, Rosso Mars, Bianco Isis, Nero Aldebaran, Grigio Liqueo or Grigio Ater, or glossy black with a choice of Bianco Canopus, Nero Nemesis, Grigio Adamas or Grigio Titans. Sleek black accents finish off the Pirelli Edition, covering the roof, air intakes, engine hood, pillars, and rearview mirrors. Other unique features in this special series include exclusive equipment designed specifically by Centro Stile. The Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 is available for purchase at dealers in Coupe and open-air versions.


Used Lamborghini Aventador dealer and seller testimonials


Just a quick note to inform you that my Lamborghini Aventador was sold to a client in Dallas, Texas. He reviewed the ad you wrote for me in the May issue. I really like the professional job you have done on all my ads. Also, the online ad is getting me great responses on a 2005 Mercedes SLR McLaren. Thanks for a good job. It also looks like we will be doing a full page for classics with several dealers talking about doing the same also.    H. Swift


Ahh! You guys have some powerful advertising... I saw an ad from Marshall Goldman and called about their blue 2003 Lamborghini, which ended up trading in the Gallardo to them. Sad to see it go, but got my Aventador after all. Sending those magazines to me only increased my motivation. Thank you for keeping in touch, and when I’m ready to move on from the Lamborghini Murcielago, I know where to find you.


We were delighted with the last year’s LP720 anniversary edition, but it proved to be a one-year-only horsepower rating. This year, the LP700-4 returns with 700 hp and 507 foot-pounds of torque at all wheels. The single-clutch automated manual transmission remains, but it is more civilized for 2015. The cheapest Aventador encapsulates all that is good about Lamborghini. Built on the reputation of wild styling and exclusivity, it throws incredible power and a composite construction into the mix. On the front end, lifting struts raise the very low nose for additional ground clearance. Along with the rockers and floor pans, the air is channeled to cool the massive carbon brakes and provide additional downforce. Perhaps out of necessity, the integrated rear wing extends at high speed to balance the overall aero package. The back features an aggressive diffuser to settle turbulent air from the undercarriage. Of course, in the end, we love to know the performance statistics, and a sub-3 second 0-60 mph time should satisfy anyone. The used Aventador is at the end of its four-year cycle, so a performance model would bring the best of everything to the performance table. With carbon-fiber being already the staple material of choice, the next step would be to strip out weight by introducing a more hardcore, race-themed styling. Also, I would welcome a new exhaust that would be lighter and even more imposing, which is tough to imagine!        Thanks, Jon

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